Amélie COMTE


I’ve worked with a number of clients across several industries, and all that experience informs how I work today. I’m skilled not only in the technical side of my job, but also in the soft skills required to shepherd a team through a big project.

Working with me means working with someone always on the lookout for innovative solutions to old problems.

Expériences professionnelles

Senior project manager

CompliTech / Aug 2018 - Present

In this role, I helped my team deliver our company’s first virtual reality product from start to completion.

Project manager

Faybl Media / Jun 2016 - Aug 2018

I took the lead in developing new and streamlined approaches to project delivery. I helped save the company time and resources on future projects

Domaines d'expertise

Project managament
Resource management
Cost tracking

Projets récents

Helped create a prototype 3D printed book.
Managed a project developing a new app for finding other apps.
Headed a team restructuring project flow to minimize waste.